Mark Twain senior Lincoln Talbott signed Wednesday to continue his football career at Missouri S&T.

Mark Twain High School senior Lincoln Talbott signed his national letter of intent Wednesday to continue his football career at Missouri S&T.

The standout safety spoke with the Courier-Post about his decision.

Courier-Post: What did it feel like to sign to continue your football career at Missouri S&T? 

Lincoln Talbott: “It was great. Very exciting. I'm looking forward to continuing my football career, and I can't wait to see what the future holds."

What stood out to you about Missouri S&T?

"I intended on going to Missouri S&T for the engineering school anyway, but I also wanted to continue to play the sport I love. They have a good program on the rise the past few years, great facilities, coaches, staff, so they were very welcoming and it just seemed like a good fit.” 

What position do you expect to play for the Miners? 

“As of right now, defense for sure, most likely safety starting out. If I bulk up and put on some weight, they might bump me to linebacker. They're always working to get bigger guys up closer. So that's what I'm looking at right now.” 

Has it been a dream for you to play college football, and for how long?

“I've always wanted to reach the next level. For a while, I wasn't sure what I thought about it, but I can't imagine going into the next fall without putting on the pads again. It was just something where I felt I've got to play football again.”

What will you remember most about your high school playing days at Mark Twain?

“The hard work and discipline it taught me to never give up. The coaches were great with teaching us about adversity. Football teaches you life lessons you'll never forget and that you'll always be able to use, so that's what I value most.”

How do you think you've improved over the past four years on the field?

“I've definitely gotten faster and bigger over the years. This year, I've noticed a significant improvement in my ability to cover the field and make cross-field tackles from the safety position, chasing runners down from behind and being able to track the ball and make a hard hit. That's something I think I continue to get better at.”

You mentioned you're enrolling in the engineering school. What do you hope to get into for a career?

“I plan to major in mechanical engineering and then take that into my career field. I've always enjoyed learning how machines work together to produce what they do, so I think that will be a good choice and a good field for me.”