Hannibal senior Grace McIntosh signed Monday afternoon to continue her soccer and dance careers at Central Methodist University.

Hannibal High School senior Grace McIntosh signed Monday afternoon to continue her soccer and dance careers at Central Methodist University.

McIntosh spoke with the Courier-Post about her decision.

Courier-Post: What was the feeling like to sign with Central Methodist for soccer and dance? 

Grace McIntosh: “I was really nervous but also really excited about the fact that I get to do this. Getting to do both was a heavy factor. I was really worried that I would have to choose one or the other and get one out of my life, but going to Central Methodist, I get both, which is really, really exciting.” 

What stood out to you about the CMU soccer program?

"There are a lot of new girls coming in, but the coach (Dan Schmidlin) was very personal about wanting me there. He looked for skills in me that could help progress the team.”

What role do you expect to play on the pitch in college?

“Being at a couple camps there, they were having me play all around the team in different positions. I'm interested to see what I will do. I could even be playing goalie, if anything.”

Is there a moment from your high school soccer career that you'll never forget? 

“I don't know if there was just one, but I would definitely say the atmosphere with the girls. I've grown up playing with these girls and know them on and off the field. I know I can always rely on them and they make me happy. Since we were little, we've been playing together. So it was nice to have that start and have that finish.”

At what point did dance come into your life?

"I started soccer at age six or seven and started dancing about a year later. Throughout the years, I've done practices for both — left early, come later, back and forth. They've been parallel my whole life.” 

What do you know about the dance team you're joining at CMU?

“I know they have progressed through the years. In competition, they keep getting higher and higher and higher. I hope to add to that and get to where we're top in the nation.”

What's a lesson you've learned through your involvement in soccer and dance? 

“It would be discipline — working through problems, time management, understanding the game. Definitely obedience in learning discipline through that and having that progress into my life.”

What do you plan to major in during college?

“I plan to major in marine biology. I hope to go into something with marine veterinarians somewhere around the coast working with marine animals and helping tend to the ocean.”'

Anything else you want to add about signing today?

“I'm very happy with the number of girls who came out today. The support has been there for years, and it continued today as well. I'm very happy that I have friends like that.”