Palmyra senior Peyton Plunkett signed his letter of intent Wednesday to continue his football career at Northwest Missouri State University.

Palmyra High School senior linebacker Peyton Plunkett signed his national letter of intent Wednesday morning to continue his football career at Northwest Missouri State University. 

Plunkett spoke with the Courier-Post about his decision. 

Courier-Post: What was going through your head as you signed to play college football at Northwest Missouri State?

Peyton Plunkett: “Everything was racing. Having my mom and my dad and my whole family up there was awesome. I couldn't really stop smiling. It's just huge that I get to go play for a great program.”

You are continuing a recruiting pipeline between Palmyra and NWMS as the fifth player to sign there under coach Kevin Miles. What impact did that have on your decision?

“That was a huge impact. I get to go there and play with some of the guys that I watched as I grew up. Just to join this Palmyra pipeline and go and win a national championship is going to be awesome.” 

What stood out to you about the program that made you feel like you could be a fit?

“Family. Palmyra is definitely family here too. That was our logo this year. To go there and have them talk to me how they did, they preached family, but not even by preaching it. Just seemed like a fit and awesome for me. I'm going three hours away and I get to find some family.”

How would you describe the type of linebacker you want to be at the college level?

“I want to be better than I am now. Whatever I am now and whatever people tell me I am now, I want to be better than that in case I want to go past that five years. Everybody has that dream. If I can get elite status in college football, I'm going to have to work hard.” 

How do you think you've improved over the past four years?

“I think I've improved a lot. I kind of made my name sophomore year, but I hit the weights and got faster and stronger and all that and definitely improved to the point where one of the best programs in the nation was offering me. It just shows me that I did my job, but we're not done yet.”

What are you going to remember most from your career at Palmyra? 

"These guys I played with, great people, great players. They're hard not to be buddies with and remember the rest of your life. I'm going to miss them, but I know they'll support me through everything and I'll support them.”

Academically, what do you plan to major in? 

“Physical therapy. And if I don't want to go eight years with the route I'm taking, there are so many options like nursing and chiropractics. But medical field, definitely.”