Palmyra senior Noah Mencer signed his letter of intent Wednesday to continue his football career at Quincy University.

Palmyra High School senior kicker Noah Mencer signed his national letter of intent Wednesday morning to continue his football career at Quincy University.

Mencer spoke with the Courier-Post about his decision. 

Courier-Post: What was going through your mind when you signed today to continue your football career at Quincy University?

Noah Mencer: “Just going from one family to another and getting to continue my career in a sport that I love." 

What stood out most to you about the QU program and made you comfortable choosing there for the next four years?

“They focus a lot on what our motto was at Palmyra as family. They really want to connect with what their athletes are comfortable with and they made me being comfortable a big priority to them. That's what made me choose there.”

How do you think you've improved as a kicker and elevated your game during high school?

“Being an upperclassman lifting weights and getting a lot stronger has really helped with the physical side, and getting more experience is more mental and helped me have a stronger mindset toward everything.”

What do you like about being a kicker and makes you gravitate toward that position?

“When your team is struggling and your offense is struggling and you need to put some points on the board, you can be that guy. A game can be won by three points. It's comfortable knowing you can be that guy to help your team win.”

You've kicked and also punted during your career at Palmyra. Have you talked with QU coaches about what your role will entail with the Hawks?

“I feel comfortable doing all three — punting, kicking and kicking off. But it's whatever my coaching staff wants to do. I'm good with whatever.” 

Do you have a favorite memory from your time playing football at Palmyra?

"I would say the first field goal I ever made, but this year when we ran the fake field goal against Centralia and I threw a touchdown pass, that's probably my favorite memory. I threw it to Jacob (Kroeger) and I didn't get to see what happened because I got tackled, but just looking back and seeing him dive into the end zone was really cool.”

Academically, do you know what you plan to major in?

“So far, I'm undecided. It's just hard picking something you want to do for the rest of your life. The first year, I will be getting my general eds, and we'll see where I go from there.”