Palmyra senior Gabe Goodwin signed his letter of intent Wednesday to continue his football career at Quincy University.

Palmyra High School senior tight end Gabe Goodwin signed his national letter of intent Wednesday morning to continue his football career at Quincy University.

Goodwin spoke with the Courier-Post about his decision.

Courier-Post: What were the emotions like for you when you put pen to paper to play college football at Quincy University?

Gabe Goodwin: “It's kind of mind-blowing knowing that I'll be going there the next four years to continue my football career. It never really sunk in until right now, actually. It's just an amazing feeling knowing that's where I'll be going. I loved it up there when I went to visit and I'm ready to continue my journey up there.”

What made you feel you would be a good fit there?

“The coaches up there, they really are all great guys. I sat down to talk with their offensive coordinator one-on-one, and he was just a really great, friendly guy. The thing about them is they're not just devoted to football, they're devoted to growing us as young men and to being better fathers and husbands for when football is over because it's not going to last forever. I just really like that, and the players treated me like I was one of their teammates already. Everybody was very welcoming." 

How would you describe the type of tight end you want to be at the next level?

“I just want to be someone the quarterback can rely on any down and distance. Third-down-and-5 and we need that five yards to win the game, I want that quarterback to be able to trust in me to catch the ball he throws and win the game or get the big first down.”

In what ways do you think you've improved your game over the past four years?

“Freshman and sophomore year, it didn't really hit me that I wanted to go somewhere and play. My junior year, I was out all season with a knee injury, and that just really hit hard. I pushed myself really hard that winter and the summer into my senior year to just be the best I could be. I got much stronger and agile going into my senior year, and that really came into play this year and helped me out a lot.”

Is there a memory from your career at Palmyra that stands out most?

“Just the senior class we had, we had seven guys. The two classes before us graduated with 15-plus. Everyone was down on us. But we went 7-2 and almost won the conference championship. Being the underdog all season long and exceeding everyone's expectations, I'll never forget how much time and effort us seven seniors put into this season.”

Of course you're also going to QU to further your education. What are you planning to major in?

“I plan on majoring in nursing and then attending their great nursing school and becoming a nurse anesthetist after I graduate.”