Hannibal High School senior Cory Allensworth signed Friday afternoon to join the Hannibal-LaGrange University men's soccer team.

Hannibal High School senior Cory Allensworth signed his national letter of intent Friday afternoon to join the Hannibal-LaGrange University men's soccer team.

The Courier-Post caught up with Allensworth to talk about his decision.

Courier-Post: What does it feel like today to sign to play college soccer at HLGU?

Cory Allensworth: “There are nerves, but I'm real excited. I'm looking forward to moving on to further my academics and play college soccer."

What stood out about HLGU and made you comfortable going there for the next four years?

“The coaches, really. I really like coach Silas (Acuff) and coach (David) Erskine. They make you really feel at home and comfortable. They're good coaches, and it's been a steady program for the past several years. I love the formation they run, and it just sounds like I'll be a good fit for the team.” 

HLGU has a tradition of competing for American Midwest Conference championships. Was that an attractive aspect to you — to be part of that and keep it going?

“Definitely. I love to win. I'm a very competitive person. Having a winning program makes me push harder and hopefully makes the team push harder 'cause we're right there to win the conference and go onto the national tournament.”

What are some lessons you've learned playing soccer at Hannibal High School that you think will help you when you play in college?

“Being an overall team player and team captain, I can help control the field, help teach guys, help us stay organized. I can move the ball around and not be a selfish player.”

What are you planning to major in?

“Nursing. I want to get my BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) and move on to a nurse practitioner.” 

What are you most looking forward to at HLGU?

"Definitely soccer. It's always been my dream to play college soccer. I've played soccer ever since I was five years old. Academics definitely come as a priority, but I'm ready for college soccer."

Looking back at your high school soccer career, what's a memory that stands out most?

“My senior year, going 12-0 in conference. We were the first men's team here to ever do that. And we beat Marshall not once, but twice. It's a great feeling. It was definitely emotional. And it was just a great thing to remember for the rest of my life.”