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With a potential move to eastern Kansas a possibility in 2022, a portion of 2021 has been dedicated to preparing the Henley hacienda to be pla…

Last Thursday was a noteworthy day at the Henley hacienda. On that day our fleet of vehicles declined from three to two with the sale of our 2003 Buick Century which we had purchased used several years ago.

People of certain professions are easy to recognize because of the clothing they wear. For example, medical professionals have long been assoc…

As I contemplated writing this week's A Little Salt column I was prepared to report to you, dear reader, that back when I could hold a camera …

We do not have assigned seats in the living room of the Henley hacienda. However, there is for the most part an unspoken understanding between my wife, Nancy, and I regarding which chairs can be sat in freely and which ones bear an invisible "reserved" sign.

I could be wrong, a condition in which I frequently find myself, but it seems like the weather was particularly tame this spring.

It was one of those damned if you do and damned if you don't moments that I found myself confronted with a couple of Thursday nights ago.