CENTER, Mo. — Winter might be coming, but Ralls County Library is already in the planning stages for two exciting additions that will arrive about the same time the warm weather returns.

One of those additions is the outdoor classroom in the lot beside the building, which has recently been stocked with picnic tables and benches. They currently sit under the pavilion, but Library Director Brian Cleveland said they are unsure exactly where they will be placed when it’s ready to open.

“The idea is that we can have programs out here,” he said. The area is also meant to be a place for people to go and sit with a book, or hook up to the already running Wi-Fi and work outside for the day.

The outdoor classroom will also be available to reserve but Cleveland said details of that are still being ironed out. He said it should be finished by spring.

Also coming soon to the library is Evergreen, a platform that opens up the book collections of the 52 other libraries from around the country to Ralls County Library.

“If you are an Evergreen library, you can borrow books from any other library. It’s going to basically take our collection here and multiply by 10,000 - there will be millions of items to choose from,” Cleveland said. “If patrons come in here and they want something we don’t have then you check the Evergreen catalog and we can get that to you by the end of the week.”

He said they are currently working to get every book in the building with an Evergreen friendly barcode. The entire process of implementing the platform will be about six months, according to Cleveland, which means it should be ready to go this May.

He also said that the growth of the library is largely thanks to the Friends of the Ralls County Library who have been working tirelessly on both projects.

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