To The Courier-Post:

According to legend, Nero set fire to Rome in AD 64, then played his lyre and sang (fiddled) as he watched the flames. Afterwards, he denied this, and blamed others for the destruction. The pandemic is burning America with more than 10.5 million U. S. coronavirus cases and 242,000 fatalities since February, yet Washington remains preoccupied with election results and fiddles while America burns.

National leaders are keeping low public profiles as new cases skyrocket. Lack of coordination with the President-elect’s team may worsen the effects of the virus and hinder the nation’s vaccine distribution.

Some state leaders are imposing tougher restrictions to tamp down the spread. Others remain hands-off, pushing “personal responsibility,” while citing concerns about enforcement and a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

America is facing a dark winter with catastrophic surges of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in nearly every state. The virus may cause only mild or moderate symptoms for some. However, for others, it causes severe, often lifelong complications, and painful deaths in isolation with no hugs, kisses, or time-honored goodbyes.

The pandemic has turned the world, and our lives, upside down. We must each accept responsibility for our actions, and demand the same of leaders who tend to blame others and “fiddle” while America burns.

John C. Schafer


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