To The Courier-Post,

I commend Sen. Josh Hawley for the courageous stand he took last week. Hawley delivered a message that too many folks there did not want to hear.

How have we arrived at this juncture in our nation’s history where citizens are so willing to accept the reality of fraudulent elections? Piecemeal. Over decades, citizens have been told that while there may have been fraud in an election, it was minor and was not outcome determinative, especially with presidential elections. Four years or so ago, former President Obama told the American people that it was virtually impossible to affect a presidential election with fraud, to be outcome determinative. In other words, we have been conditioned to accept fraud and irregularities.

The issue is less that we do not have laws to enforce but the laws we do have were defied by public officials who are not constitutionally authorized to make changes to election laws and practices. The passage of more laws will not change this unless we have public officials who faithfully execute the laws already on the books.

Again, I commend Sen. Hawley for objecting to the results of the election in Arizona and five other swing states despite intense pressure to not do so.

Robert Bixler


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