To The Courier-Post:

The American Legion is inviting all veterans to join their organization.

Why should you belong?

The American Legion is America’s largest supporter of veterans. The American Legion is the

nation’s largest and most powerful organization of U.S. peace time and war time veterans and

their families. Today, it counts 2.3 million members who operate through more than 14,000 posts

across the United States.

Since its inception by Congress in 1919, the American Legion has delivered substantial improvements

for veterans, families and communities. The Legion ushered in the modern VA . They drafted and

drove home passage of the GI bill and the Post 9/11 GI bill.

The Legion works every day on behalf of U.S. service men and women. It is recognized as a leader in

transition assistance from military to civilian life, providing resources for careers, education, child care, health care benefits for veterans and programs designed to provide civilian careers.

More information about how to join the American Legion is available by calling 573-221-9698 or


Jess Ornelas


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