To The Courier-Post:

Halloween, with its myths of vampires that prey on humans, is looming. Likewise, “myths” from campaigns kindling suspicions of a national health care system with horrors of socialism swell.

By no means is fear-based politics exclusive to 2020, or to either political party. It’s part of our history.

LBJ visited Missouri to sign the Medicare Act of 1965 into law and to praise Harry Truman, the nation’s first Medicare beneficiary, as “the real daddy of Medicare.” Truman pleaded for the institution of a federally-funded health insurance program in the late 40s. Each plea was stigmatized as a descent into “socialized medicine.”

Would national health care be America living up to its promises? Or would national health care be a step toward socialism?

When Jesus (Luke 10:25-37) asked which of the three — the priest, the Levite, or the Samaritan — acted as a good neighbor to the person in need, the answer was, “The one who showed mercy.” We must continue to ask essential humanitarian questions, even if there are no easy answers, for a rising tide lifts all boats.

John C. Schafer


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