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If there’s one thing Americans know about the federal government, it’s how slow it is to act. While this serves as a good part of our checks and balance system, it becomes an obstacle when disasters demand an immediate response. Flooding, in particular, has ravaged Missouri and many other states for decades, but the government has not updated its policies to address our needs. However, a rare chance to fix this can be seen with the Flood Resiliency and Taxpayer Savings Act.

With this legislation, we can stop seeing tax dollars wasted on repetitive projects, just to see all progress ruined in the next flooding cycle. This will restore accountability and update the methods that the government uses when planning new infrastructure. Given the current federal plan to focus on massive infrastructure updates, it is vital we ensure 21st Century technology and resources are employed instead of relying on outdated strategies. Likewise, the government needs to take more preventative measures, rather than reactionary, if we hope to sustain our investments.

The Flood Resiliency and Taxpayer Savings Act is exactly what it claims to be: a time and money saver. Congress would be wise to approve this bipartisan effort to protect our infrastructure and tax dollars from being washed away.

Mayor Jo Anne Smiley


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