Today, we went to the water park and are soon headed to the movies and dinner for Logan's birthday.

I didn't take my phone in, so I don't have any pics but I was laying on one of the lounges by the wave pool just people watching.

I watched a young mom dipping her squealing baby in the water and I just smiled at the sweet sound.

Don't blink, I thought.

Looking across the way at my own two boys. One towers over me and the other is nearing eye level.

I remember holding those babies in my arms. When was the last time I sat them down and never picked them back up?

Nearby there were boys in their late teens looking at the pretty lifeguard sitting on her chair.

A girl from behind whacked one on the head and he smiled and put his hands on her raft and pushed her around.

They laughed with the innocent joy of all the days to come. Maybe with each other and maybe not — who knows — and that's some of the excitement in itself.

Don't blink, I thought.

Me in my mom-bod and Shawn in his dad-bod. I'm asking him if he thinks this spot on my arm is normal and he doesn't know.

I don't even knowing why I'm asking because he's got some kind of cracker crumbs scattered on his chest — and I don't even remember having crackers.

I remembered those flirtatious days of our youth. When did we last look at each other with that wonderment?

Yet another family sat around a picnic table near by with a cooler. There were all ages gathered there. One of them wore a "World's Best Papa" T-shirt and you could tell he was living out that title. Mom and daughter worked together handing out snacks and pouring drink cups.

Don't blink, I thought.

I remember a lifetime with my parents. I took them for granted in more ways than I can count, but what I wouldn't give for another carefree family day with them.

(Even with my mom's limitations. I would give anything for another day.)

You know what? Sitting there, I tried it. Didn't blink. I just sat there in the moment with my eyes drying out and hoping my contacts stayed in.

Because you have to blink.

It refreshes our eyes. It revitalizes our vision. And that's the thing.

Every blink opens our eyes to new seasons with so many beautiful things. Even when it hurts to leave behind the old one.

I miss my babies but I love watching my boys become men. I miss Shawn and I in our younger years, but I love our tried and true marriage that we've worked so hard for.

And I miss my parents more than I can say, but God has used my grief to grow me in so many ways.

Every moment might not have been wonderful but every season sure has been blessed.

So blink, friends. Don't be afraid of it. But just remember in the meantime to cherish where you are right now.

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