I like to think of myself as a pretty nondiscriminatory fella when it comes to desserts.

Rest assured there are some post-main meal items that you will not find me indulging in — a heaping bowl of mint ice cream does not sound especially appealing nor does a slice of green tomato pie — but I am sure if I ever compiled such a list it would be very brief.

Summer is the time of year when things grown in the garden can stand on their own as a dessert item. The time spent thumping on countless watermelons is well worth it if you find you have discovered the sweetest one of the season.

Strawberries are also good on their own. However, if given the choice I prefer my strawberries to be served with a piece of yellowcake that has been topped with vanilla frosting and a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream. I know my cholesterol count is rising just thinking about it, but that is how I like my shortcake.

Speaking of cake, we like them here at the Henley hacienda. We have almost got to considering that between Dec. 1 and Jan. 5 our family had no less than five birthdays to celebrate. At least there was generally some variety in the type of cakes being requested during that time. For years my preferred birthday cake consisted of nothing but chocolate.

Cookies, both homemade and even some store-bought, can be a nice treat. Even cookie dough that did not find its way onto a cookie sheet and into the oven is tasty.

Whether part of something fancy, or served by itself in a bowl, pudding can certainly hit the spot.

There are non-traditional items such as homemade cinnamon rolls or knot rolls that were hot out of the oven that have more than adequately served as a dessert.

Last, but certainly not least on this admittedly incomplete list of desserts to drool for, is pie.

For many people, myself included, pie is more than simply a dessert option, it can literally stir memories of days gone by. I can't see a slice of cherry pie without thinking of my mother, who made the best ones in my humble opinion.

I would have to say my preference is the fruit pie. At, or near the top of that list, at least until recently, was the strawberry pie and its cousin the strawberry/rhubarb pie.

My wife, Nancy, recently returned home from a local farm produce stand with some rhubarb that she intended to use in making a “couple” of pies. Later that afternoon, however, there were no less than five strawberry/rhubarb pies cooling on top of the stove.

“I guess I should have frozen some of the rhubarb,” Nancy said.

My bride advised me that because the refrigerator was full and that ants were on the prowl the pies needed to be consumed sooner than later. Over the next few days a slice, sometimes two, of strawberry/rhubarb pie accompanied every meal. The lone exception was breakfast and I suspect that was only because she feared a pie fight might erupt. I can certainly think of far less entertaining ways to utilize an overabundance of pie.

As the last fork full of pie was being slowly chewed I silently vowed that strawberry/rhubarb pie was banned, at least for now, from the dessert menu.

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