I rolled into a coffee house and chased some trash around the parking lot that blew out of my car when I opened the door.

There are windows. There were people watching. And I couldn't help but throw my hands in the air and smile as I finally got to the trash can.

(I mean sometimes I think my car is just like "This is enough" and just starts ejecting stuff as I get out.)

I got to my booth with my bag spilling over with my papers, my laptop, and all this stuff that I understand but to everyone else just looks like a complete mess.

Then I did what I always do while I'm here.


No big scene.

But with every bit of heart I have.

I pray.

Because God is so worthy of my praise and thanksgiving. No matter where I am at.

I don't make a scene out of my public prayers but I don't hurry through them either.

We also do this as a family, too.

Whether we're surrounding the dinner table or gathered around the TV, we pray together.

We pray before hitting the buffet at Chinese or digging into the chips and salsa at Mexican.

Shawn and I grasp hands on date night and pray before they set our burgers in front of us.

Truth is, I want Him to know that no matter what the circumstances, I will acknowledge Him first. In everything I do.

Once I invite God into my days, I find myself leaning on Him more.

The Bible says to pray without ceasing. To be in prayer constantly. Back in the day I thought that seemed a high expectation.

I mean, we have jobs and kids. We have trips to Walmart and that Redbox movie is four days late. All the people in the house want dinner like every single night.

What I didn't understand was that praying can be as simple as talking to God while fixing spaghetti in the kitchen. Talking to God in the car.

This doesn't mean that we should be putting our worldly obligations first or that anything I mentioned should come before Him. We should always be making time for God.

But prayer doesn't always require me to get on my knees and bow my head (although that's a beautiful and important way to come before the Lord — especially for repentance) but God says to pray all day long.

To have a running conversation with my Savior is a blessing. That He listens to me — even when it seems the rest of the world has completely tuned me out.

Especially my husband whose word quota for the day is reached long before I'm able to get everything out.

But God doesn't have a word quota. Not only does He listen to me, but He helps me focus as I am do daily life.

When I pray as I drive to town, I'm not sighing or becoming internally furious when the guy in front of me at the gas station is spending his year's salary on lottery tickets and Connor has to be at band practice in ten minutes.

Or when someone is rude to me, I'm able to show patience because I'm talking to God.

But I've learned the more I acknowledge Him and the deeper I go into His word, the more I want to shine His love.

How blessed are we?

Our God loves so deeply and thoroughly that He gives us His heart to love others better. He teaches us and guides us into a kind of compassion and grace that we are simply incapable of without Him.

This God of ours is so deserving of our hearts and our will. He is a God who is faithful to His promises and true to His character.

We can trust Him with our lives. With everything we have. Even when it means giving up self and the desires of our flesh.

Because as we die to Jesus, He brings us to life for the very first time.

Even then though, your gonna see me chasing around trash in the parking lot and looking a mess on the daily.

But keep watching, friends.

Watch for that peace as I fold up my hands and close my eyes.

Because Jesus is right there with me.

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