It was a hot day in July, and in the garage there was a bumble bee. It kept trying to get out of a closed window.

With everything it had, it continually butted its head against the glass but it still couldn’t get out.

The bee was furious and buzzing like a sailor. All it knew was the sun was shining on the other side of that glass. The grass was greener. The flowers were blooming. And so, understandably, that’s where it wanted to be.

It wanted out, and truly believed it knew how to get there. But I knew no matter what it believed, there was no way it was getting out — not in the way it wanted to, at least.

Because it was the wrong way, even though it didn’t understand that.

I got up and tried to help the little thing and guide it around the corner where the door was open. I even tried to catch it in a glass and take it outside, but it chased me around until I ran out in terror because, well, those things hurt when they sting.

I just wanted it to understand that sometimes the easy way out seems to have everything we ever wanted yet we don’t have the wisdom to get there on our own. Because sometimes everything on the other side looks like everything we have ever wanted.

Then again, from afar, doesn’t everything tend to look that way? Truth is, I understand where the little guy is coming from. The bee and I aren’t that different.

God has watched me furiously bang my head against closed doors and windows. Trying to make my own path rather than following the one He has carved out for me. Because sometimes His way takes too long or leads to somewhere else.

I look at the other side and scream, “I HAVE TO GET THERE!”

Then when He leads me I still want to do it my own way. So, I question the Almighty and somehow think I know better than He does. “This way doesn’t make sense, God. I can see where I want to go. It’s right there!”

But God knows when the timing is wrong or when the path isn’t safe. He sees the entire way when I can only see a snapshot of what I think I know. But when I stop for a moment and allow myself to trust I see His way takes me to the door He wants me to walk through, in order to be exactly where He wants me to be.

It might take longer. But it’s often the journey to that door that prepares me for what is on the other side. What a gift that we have a God who is willing to redirect us when we start down the wrong path or when we try to cut corners that He knows we should not take.

When we want something “right now.” But God knows we aren’t ready. So He takes us on a journey with lessons to learn and obstacles to overcome. He puts us right in the middle of His will to make us into who He knows we can be.

And there is no better place.

I guess I won’t really ever know if the bee got out of the garage or if it just exhausted itself, because they all kind of look alike to me. Either way, I would bet God had a plan for that little guy, whether it was in my garage, somewhere in the yard (hopefully just not in my house) or on the other side of eternity.

I mean, I don’t know if bees go to Heaven but I think it’s supposed to flow with milk or honey (or was that just Moses promised Land?) I’m not sure if there’s dairy in Heaven but honey seems pretty right on.

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