Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

On a personal level I find myself wondering at times which came first, the COVID pandemic or my loss of balance that has increased my risk of falls. Regardless I can honestly say I do not remember the last time I accompanied my wife, Nancy, on a grocery-buying excursion.

While I suspect Nancy would still take me along on such a multi-store outing if I really made an issue out of being left at home, she and I both realize a trip to buy groceries takes far less time if she can focus on the items that we need for the week ahead rather than having to keep one eye on me. I guess riding in the cart would significantly reduce my risk of a fall, but how inconvenient would that be for my bride, not to mention silly to see.

The last business I visited took place on a balmy early spring day. After walking along the riverfront Nancy suggested that before we went home we first stop at a new business on North Main Street that offered free ice cream cones.

I thought that Nancy was offering to go into the business, get our cones and bring the cold treats outside where I would be waiting patiently. But, as is frequently the case, my bride had a different idea. She intended to take me inside the store and walk me without incident past the shelves filled with items for sale, direct me to where the ice cream dispensing machine was located in the rear of the store and then help me exit the establishment without causing a calamity.

While I must admit to having had serious reservations regarding Nancy's intentions, as so often happens my spouse was able to execute a plan without experiencing any problems.

While I was able to negotiate entering and exiting the downtown business without suffering a bull-in-a-china shop moment or more, I cannot claim the same level of success a short time later in, of all places, the Henley hacienda.

A few weeks ago I took delivery of a motorized wheelchair. After approximately an hour's worth of training at a local physical therapy center, the good folks who had ordered the device for me months earlier, delivered it to my home with the simple instructions to practice, practice and then practice some more.

I took their guidance to heart and set out to master the apparatus on the first night, which led to my bull-in-a-china shop experience. Instead of attempting a few basic maneuvers in the open spaces of the living room, such as turning in a circle and backing up, I set out to go from one end of the house to the other.

A recap of my exclusion would be significantly shorter if I listed the items I did not hit rather than the ones I did. Suffice to say, chairs and the kitchen table were relocated and new doorway trim was loosened before I recognized that I had bitten off more than I was prepared to chew.

A wheelchair technician, who stopped in last week to make a few tweaks to the device, commented that based on the wheelchair-caused damage that he was seeing inside the house I must be getting the hang of things.

Does that mean I will not feel like a bull in a china shop again? Moo.

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