How did you spend your Sunday afternoon/evening?

Was it essentially just another Sunday in terms of what you did and who you did it with? Or were you one of the estimated 90,000,000 to 110,000,000 viewers who in any given year tune in to watch the National Football League's championship game, the Super Bowl.

There are basically four reasons why people watch the Super Bowl. The hours upon hours of pre-game information that is shown, the halftime show, the commercials and the football game itself.

I find it difficult to believe that anyone, except for the most diehard of fans, will actually sit through all the pre-game material that is shown. Who would want to run the risk of having a numb backside before the game itself commences?

As for the halftime show it seems like almost a dozen artists were scheduled to perform this year. I would be hard-pressed to name a single one of their hit songs. Consequently I would imagine that most people from my generation used the halftime show as an opportunity to either empty their bladder or to refill their plate with Super Bowl goodies.

Regarding the commercials shown during the Super Bowl broadcast there have been years when the expensive ads were more entertaining than the football game. Apparently not all of the big game commercials are as family-friendly as they once were.

A couple of weekends ago I asked my son, Jacob, and his bride, Whitney, who live in a suburb of Kansas City, if they intended to watch the Super Bowl since the hometown Chiefs had been eliminated. They indicated that instead of watching the game they intended to watch a movie after finding some of the ads shown during the 2021 Super Bowl inappropriate for their young daughters.

As for me, my interest in this year's Super Bowl waned significantly when the Cincinnati Bengals rallied to beat the Chiefs in the conference championship. To be honest, a good movie and some tasty Super Bowl treats sounded preferable to spending three hours of watching football being played by two teams I care nothing about.

To be sure I have watched past Super Bowls that featured teams that I was not interested in. However, this year's Super Bowl participants, the Bengals and Rams, actually generated negative feelings in me. As stated earlier, the Bengals defeated my favorite team, the Chiefs, so rooting for them seemed to me to be disloyal. As for the Rams, I have yet to forgive them for abandoning St. Louis in favor of returning to Los Angeles several years ago.

I was content with following the game on the radio, which is how I followed the Chiefs during the regular season and in the playoffs, but when friends of our family learned I would not be watching the game they invited my wife, Nancy, and me to their home to view the contest. However, because their home features a number of steps and I do not handle steps very well because of the Parkinson's with which I am plagued, our friends decided to set our family computer up to show the game. After all their efforts the least I could do was watch the game, which made Super Bowl Sunday not just another Sunday.

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