We believe Louis Riggs will be an active and effective advocate for Northeast Missouri.

We’re writing this letter in support of Louis Riggs, candidate for 5th District State Representative.  He will bring energy, compassion and integrity to the office of State Representative.  We believe Louis will be an active and effective advocate for Northeast Missouri. 

Louis has had a positive influence on many students at HLGU where he serves as Associate Professor of English and Pre-Law Advisor.  He has worked tirelessly to improve the community by serving in leadership of many statewide organizations, most recently Missouri Community Betterment, which provides capacity building resources for 60 rural Missouri communities. He wants to see computer broadband brought to rural Missouri, which is sorely needed.  He has received the endorsement of Missouri Right to Life and is an officer of the Hannibal Chapter affiliate.  He recently completed a number of terms on the University of Missouri Marion County Extension and is a founding member and past president of NEMO Conservative Club. We need a strong voice for Rural Northeast Missouri and Louis is that voice. 

He has our full support.

— Harry and Geri Graves, Hannibal