Among the photos that have qualified as my favorites that I took during the memorable family excursion were some images of my wife, Nancy.

It has been two months since I returned from a little over a week of vacation at Oak Island, N.C., and I am still sorting through the over 1,300-plus photos that I took during the course of the trip.

Among the photos that have qualified as my favorites that I took during the memorable family excursion were some images of my wife, Nancy. I realized that quite frequently appearing in those photos with my bride was our 4-year-old granddaughter, Evelyn.

There were photos of Nancy and Evelyn, who was seeing the ocean for the first time, holding hands as they splashed together in the surf. There were also images of them together in the swimming pool where Nancy was frequently doing her best to convince Evelyn that it was not a particularly good idea to turn the water cannon she was spraying on her camera-carrying grandpa. I am sure there were other photos I could have taken of grandmother and granddaughter together because they could frequently be found enjoying each others company while hunting for shells, building sandcastles, swinging and reading books.

Because Evelyn lives in the Kansas City area with her parents, our son, Jacob, and his wife, Whitney, we don't get to see our granddaughter on a regular basis. I am sure if we were closer Nancy and Evelyn would be inseparable.

It wasn't long after returning from our May excursion to the Atlantic Coast that we received a phone call from Whitney who reported that Evelyn was already asking when she would get to see her grandmother again. Although we had not planned on making a trip west until some time later in the year, a mid-July visit to eastern Kansas went into the planning stages.

During a visit earlier this year to Jacob and Whitney's we slept in Evelyn's room, who was relocated during our visit to her mom and dad's bedroom. Evelyn was so delighted at having Grandma Nancy under the same roof with her for a few days that she did not mind in the least surrendering her room. In fact, if it meant having her beloved grandma stay even longer Evelyn indicated she would be more than willing to sleep indefinitely in her parents' room. Understandably it was not a proposal that Jacob and Whitney were willing to embrace.

In advance of our July trip to Kansas City we received an email from Whitney informing us that Evelyn was wanting her grandma to be sure to bring plenty of clothes. Why? Because Evelyn wanted Nancy to stay until an upcoming birthday celebration.

Initially Nancy and I were not quite sure what birthday to which Evelyn was referring. Her younger sister, Alice, will turn 1 year old in August. However, it soon became apparent that Evelyn was not referring to her little sister's upcoming birthday, but to her own next birthday celebration which meant she wanted Nancy to stick around until March of 2019.

That is why in her email before we departed for eastern Kansas this past weekend Whitney added a happy face when encouraging Nancy to be sure and remember to pack “appropriately.”

In contrast to Grandma Nancy, whom Evelyn envisioned showing up with a steamer trunk filled with clothing, I got the feeling that as far as my granddaughter was concerned the duration of my visit to her house could be measured by the amount of clothes I could stuff into a single, small overnight bag.


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