Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) has called for people to harass members of the Trump Administration and "create a crowd and push back on them and tell them they are not welcome...anywhere." And it has started happening. The owner of a Lexington, Va., restaurant asked Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to leave because she worked for the president, and some gay employees of the restaurant wanted her to leave because of Trump's stance on same-sex marriage.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was accosted at a theater in Tampa.  Bondi said the harassment started as she waited in line to buy tickets, and continued inside the theater and as she left.

"If Waters wants people to protest, that's one thing, but they are trying to start a fight," said Bondi on Fox and Friends.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was confronted by an angry mob at a Mexican restaurant in Washington on Tuesday night, and on Friday was taunted by a crowd outside her own home in Virginia.

With these kinds of actions, there are serious concerns about the safety of anyone who works for the Trump Administration. When people lower themselves to such behavior, it indicates just how fearful they have become. The "evil" they say they are "pushing back on" does not reside in the White House, but more clearly resides within the hearts of those who think this kind of behavior is acceptable. There seems to be no rational dialogue that can be expected from the Trump-haters.

Waters even went as far as to say "God is on our side." I believe up to now God is on America's side, and He doesn't make distinctions like red and blue states or white and black people. As soon as we all learn this, we'll be a lot better off. If we all start living it, this country might last another 200 years.

— Myron Blaine, Hannibal