The rapport formed by experience should be viewed as a positive.

Mike Parson has been Missouri’s governor for two weeks, but we’re already encouraged by Parson’s collaborative approach to the position, which is in stark contrast to former Gov. Eric Greitens’ go-it-alone strategy.

Parson, a Republican like Greitens, has already exhibited more teamwork, more willingness to listen, and less ego than we saw in 17 months under the former governor. Greitens often chided “career politicians” — getting into petty spats with members of the Missouri Legislature. In one such instance, he said he was “canceling their vacation” for a special session.

Years of experience in state government somehow became a negative trait in 2016, but it seems to be paying off for Parson, who has decades of experience in positions ranging from a county sheriff to now the state’s CEO. The rapport formed by experience should be viewed as a positive.

On one of his first days on the job, Parson was photographed meeting with Democratic leadership of the Missouri Senate. Whether you agree or disagree with a particular party, the willingness to listen and have a productive discussion with all views should be encouraging.

And last week, Parson convened a meeting with Missouri’s Congresspeople and Senators — a meeting that has not taken place in years. In interviews with media, the representatives and senators struck a similar tenor: Parson is approachable and responsive, a breath of fresh air.

We fully expect to disagree with the governor on some of his views and decisions. But we also feel like we have a governor respectful enough to listen, consider all sides, and doesn’t hold the title for selfish reasons.

The first two weeks of Parson’s term should be viewed with optimism.

And for Missourians who fret about the course of the state following Greitens’ resignation, we have a simple message: we’ll be just fine.