Our first priority is the safety of our students.

The common topic of talk and concern right now is the school shooting and other random acts of violence.

Many social and public agencies are trying to put their resources and expertise to work in helping to find solutions. Radical problems call for radical action. I would like to offer my thinking on this matter.

Our first priority is the safety of our students.

Though inconvenienced, the students, and the staff, need to be protected — the parents need to know that their sons and daughters are safe. There should be police and/or other security stationed at the schools when they are in session at all times. Apply the same safety measures at the school premises as the airports. No weapon of any kind should ever be able to cross the threshold. If a student even shows up with some weapon, the weapon should be confiscated, the student expelled from school for an indefinite period of time (perhaps until he or she has had treatment), and the parent(s) fined heavily for their carelessness in allowing easy access to a loaded weapon.

This is not a solution; these are measures.

I know that gun control is another hot topic and certainly is related to the violence. We must use caution and wisdom in this matter. Let's not just point fingers. The real problem is not the gun — it's the breakdown in our culture. Our entertainment is a very significant influence in our society. Our young people especially have become immune to the shock and shame of violence and insanity.

Even on a long term effort to reverse this there will always be random situations where some deranged person will radically take things into their own hands, seek revenge and/or take their own life.

— George Major, Hannibal