To the Ralls County 911 Board:

We, the undersigned, would like to thank the Ralls County 911 Board of Directors for entering into a contractual agreement with Marion County 911.

This agreement allows for the orderly and successful operation of the 911 system by Ralls County employees, in the near future.

Knowing that this agreement is only for two years, we feel that this time would be used to institute procedures and training that the 911 dispatchers have requested.

It will allow the board time to search for and negotiate a contract with a 911 director who would suit the specific needs of Ralls County.

During this transition period the Board and Employees will be able to address the valid concerns put forth by the Ralls County Sheriff, City Police Chiefs, and the Ralls County Ambulance Service. This will prove to be the best and most expedient way to safely allow for the Ralls County 911 to again dispatch Law and Emergency Services to Ralls County Citizens.

Wiley Hibbard, Ralls County Presiding Commissioner

John W. Lake, Western District Commissioner

R.C. Harlow, Eastern District Commissioner

Dennis R. McMillen, Mayor City of Center

David A. Ray, Center Chief of Police

Chad Williams, Acting Mayor City of Perry

Eddie Landis, Perry Chief of Police

Mary Jane White, Mayor Pro-Tem City of New London

Ryan Sparks, New London Chief of Police

John Nemes, Chief Ralls County Ambulance District