Hannibal Courier-Post

Letter to the editor: Uncertainty after an election is normal

Posted: Dec. 27, 2016 11:44 am

Life is full of uncertainties, but there is one very sure certainty: there will always be uncertainties. This in a general sense is the mood of the public in this post election period and the beginning of a new year and perhaps a new era. No matter whether it was [Hillary] Clinton or [Donald] Trump who would be sitting in the oval office, there would still be these anxious thoughts of uncertainty.

Worry and uncertainty are nearly synonymous terms and we know what worry does. Worry is negative anticipation, pessimistic speculation.

Very few, if any, presidential candidate has ever fulfilled all their promises or carried out what they said they would do. The reality is, things look a lot different from the oval office than they do from the outside and wanting to be there.

Let's give Trump some breathing room while reality sinks into his new world of presidency. Let's stop trembling in our boots and wringing our hands in despair.

There has never been a time in human history when everything was perfect. Trial and tribulation and uncertainty is the norm of our lives, not perfection or a bed of roses. Let common sense prevail and prayers ascend, as each of us work hard to make the best of our own world. And, oh yes, happy new year.


—Rev. George F. Major, Hannibal