Proposed senior living apartments gaining momentum in Palmyra

This apartment complex in St. Louis County reflects what the proposed Stone Creek Manor senior apartments in Palmyra would look like. Plans call for 13 one-bedroom and 28 two-bedroom apartments with numerous community services and activities for the residents. The project is the result of a partnership between Roanoke Construction and North East Community Action Corporation, and has been submitted to the Missouri Housing Development Commission for a decision in December.

PALMYRA, Mo. — Next door to the forthcoming HNB Bank building in Palmyra, Mo., a sign at 110 W. Main Cross St. marks the site for a proposed project to build affordable apartments for senior citizens in the community.

Mike Duffy and Kevin Buchek, co-owners of Roanoke Construction, visited with the Palmyra City Council on Thursday, Nov. 4, to share plans for Stone Creek Manor, a $9.6 million proposal for 13 one-bedroom and 28 two-bedroom apartments in the Flower City. Duffy said his experience in development and financing affordable housing was a great fit with his old friend Buchek’s background in construction and renovation of affordable housing. They formed Roanoke Construction in 2020, and they are working with North East Community Action Corporation to bring the agency’s experience with the state housing financing agencies and dedication to providing housing and services for low-income families to the project.

“I think it’s a great story for Missouri. We’re aligning our efforts, even in smaller, more rural communities,” Duffy said.

Carla Potts, deputy director for housing development programs at NECAC, looks forward to the opportunity to provide affordable housing for seniors 55 years and up, along with supportive services which could include tax preparation, computer classes, transportation, healthy community outreach efforts, exercise classes and health screenings.

“Partnerships are so important, and this is such a great partnership for us and for the community,” she said.

The Missouri Housing Development Commission is reviewing the proposal, and will issue a decision by the middle or end of December. Duffy commended architectural firm Rosemann and Associates and everyone involved in the process. He noted how HNB Bank, which is constructing a new facility near the proposed site, and the City of Palmyra have been supportive of the project.

MHDC would provide the tax-credit funding for the project, and the project will meet Enterprise Green Community Criteria, with electric appliances, Energy Star windows, washers and dryers and other green building techniques. Duffy said MHDC is also seeking projects tied to economic development progress, and Palmyra’s work to develop a Community Improvement District with the Hannibal Regional Economic Development Council and the new bank fit those stipulations.

If MHDC approves the project, Roanoke Construction would be the contractor and NECAC would be the property manager. Everyone involved is looking forward to the chance to make a difference for the community and the seniors who would call the apartments home.

“We’re very excited about what happens in the next month or so, but I think we’re more excited for the impact it will make on seniors to get quality housing and for the community to get new affordable housing,” Potts said. “We’re excited, and we’re excited for the community and for the people we will serve.”

Duffy said the feeling of making a difference is what drives everyone involved in the project.

“The thing we always look forward to the most is handing those keys over to those residents when we finish the building and lease it out,” he said. “And just the looks on their faces, and the opportunity to live in such a high-quality place — oftentimes much better than many folks have had through most of their lives — that’s what we do this for, and that’s what we look most forward to.”

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