PALMYRA, Mo. — Palmyra R-I Board of Education members met Tuesday, approving an agreement with L.J. Hart and Company for refinancing the school district’s 2016 and 2017 debt service bonds.

The refinancing will save the school district about $600,000 in interest costs, following the completion of district-wide improvements to school buildings and facilities. The projects included an all-weather track and field at Palmyra High School, renovations to the Palmyra Middle School kitchen and the high school’s Vo-Ag Building and water management efforts at the Palmyra Elementary School playground. Board members also approved the Fiscal Year 2021 audit.

In other business:

  • Board members also approved the Athletic Event Emergency Action Plan, which establishes guidelines for school and emergency personnel to respond to a medical or weather-related emergency during sporting events at the middle school and high school.
  • Athletic and Transportation Director Brian Wosman provided a transportation report to the board. The school district runs 10 daily bus routes, and buses have logged 15,573 miles from the first day of school to the beginning of October. Four Early Childhood/Pre-K routes run Monday through Friday, and the buses have traveled 1,715 during the school year so far. School buses have taken 57 trips totaling 1,715 during the current school year. Cameras and software were installed in school buses during the summer, allowing for more efficient bus routes and accurate pick up and drop off information.
  • Early Childhood and Parents as Teachers Coordinator Kathy Nicholson shared a Parents as Teachers report with board members. PAT serves 200 families, including 263 children. The group has identified 74 children who are eligible for Kindergarten for the 2022-2023 school year. PAT Playgroup has started up again this year, after temporarily halting due to COVID restrictions.

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