PALMYRA, Mo. — Palmyra City Council members approved a revised employee handbook during their regular meeting Thursday, Nov. 18, after preparations were completed by Schraeder Law Firm.

Council member Brock Fahy thanked everyone for their assistance with the new handbook. He said members of the Personnel Committee would soon meet to discuss job descriptions, due to pay level needing to be discussed for a street department employee moving to a new position.

In other business:

  • City Attorney James Lemon delivered the second reading of a bill regarding check valves between a residence or business and the city’s sewer system. Council members approved the ordinance, which will require check valves for all new construction. Additionally, a check valve will need to be installed in the event of repair or excavation at existing homes or businesses. The Board of Public Works will be authorized to reimburse a property owner with a portion of the installation cost.
  • Street Commissioner Austen Dornberger submitted the final bill from Emery Sapp & Sons for asphalt overlay work. The total came to $210,084.25. Out of the total, the City of Palmyra’s portion is $186,480 and the Parks and Recreation Department’s portion is $23,604.25.
  • City council members approved the decision the renew the city’s employee health insurance coverage with Group Benefit Services at the same cost as last year.
  • Council member Earl Meyers reported residents are leaving trash totes in the street, which is in violation of a city ordinance. The totes are making it difficult for street department crews to remove leaves. An announcement asking citizens to abide by ordinance will be posted on the Parks and Recreation Department’s Facebook page and an ad will placed in the Palmyra Spectator.
  • Dornberger discussed a recent demonstration of a leaf vacuum he is interested in purchasing to make leaf removal more efficient. The resulting compacted, cut leaf material could be used as mulch. Council members discussed various purchase and finance options, and Dornberger will present additional details during the council’s next meeting.

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