HANNIBAL — Over 65% of the Hannibal School District’s certified and support staff have received a COVID vaccination, according to the results of a survey that was conducted earlier this summer.

“I sent an anonymous survey to our staff because I was curious if anyone had received a vaccination for COVID-19 and if anyone was interested in receiving a vaccination for COVID-19,” said Superintendent Susan Johnson during the August meeting of the Hannibal Board of Education.

According to Johnson, 357 of the school district’s approximately 600 staff members participated.

“That is not just teachers, that is everybody because they are all equally important,” she said.

The survey revealed that 234 staff members had already received the vaccination. An additional 56 expressed interest in receiving a vaccination for COVID-19.

“If you were to look at those together that would be around 81%,” Johnson said regarding those who have already received the vaccination and those interested in receiving it.

Johnson acknowledged that whether or not a staff member or student receives a vaccination is not up to the school district.

“I know everything is controversial,” she said. “I do recommend that our school district communicate with our families on the availability of local vaccination options.

“We are not going to vaccinate a student. A parent is going to have to do that. But as far as our staff I want to make that (vaccination availability information) available to them if they want it. If they don’t, that is OK.

“I think we would be remiss not to at least share that information to help the public because there is a lot of information out there. We are just trying to assist them in that if they would want it for their student, provided their student is of an age where they could even have a vaccination.”

Johnson said it all comes down to the school district striving to provide the best education possible during the pandemic.

“We are just wanting to do anything we can to help not only our students, but our staff so we can keep providing a quality education for our kids in a good environment,” she said.

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