HANNIBAL — In advance of February’s frigid temperatures and frequent snows work essentially wrapped up on the Martin Street storm water project.

During the January meeting of the Hannibal Board of Public Works Board, Mathew Munzlinger, director of operations for the HBPW, reported that in addition to the new storm sewer also installed was a new water line and sanitary sewer line.

Despite the installation of the new infrastructure some work still remains to be completed on the South Side Street.

“They are waiting on better weather to do the concrete curb, sidewalk restoration and to re-asphalt the street. They want the temperatures to warm up,” said Munzlinger, who estimated the asphalt work would take place in late March or early April.

Munzlinger is pleased with how the project progressed.

“All in all it was a good project,” he said. “We were able to replace aging infrastructure with minimal bad interactions with the public. The contractor really helped us with that, making sure people had access to driveways when they needed it.”

According to the HBPW, the failure of the box culvert that runs the length of Martin Street was first noticed around 2015. Some temporary repairs were made that lasted a few years after which more sinkholes developed, resulting in the street being restricted to a single lane of traffic. In 2019 the road was closed to through traffic as further deterioration of the box culvert occurred compromising the roadway.

In 2017, PSBA was hired to complete an engineering report on replacement options for the box culvert. The board at that time selected the replacement option of a new concrete pipe, but it was determined after beginning the design process that this would not work and that an elliptical pipe would need to be used. It also was determined during the design process it would be best to redo the two water mains and sanitary sewer main located within the street’s footprint. The renewal of these mains would not only replace older infrastructure but aid in the installation of the new storm sewer. The design was completed in July 2019 and was put out for bid in July 2020.

Mehler and Sons of Silex submitted the lowest of three bids at $667,609. The estimated cost of the project was $480,000.

One of the project’s major phases involved the closing of Fulton Avenue. The heavily traveled South Side roadway was to have remained closed to traffic for two weeks. The closure wound up being for a few days longer because of rain and cold temperatures which delayed asphalting. Fulton Avenue was reopened a day or so before the end of October.

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