COLUMBIA, Mo. — Area residents were among 11,488 undergraduate students who earned the academic distinction to be named to the dean’s list during the fall 2021 semester at the University of Missouri.

Bowling Green, Mo.

Sarah Nicole Akers, Junior, Education; Shay S. Butler, Freshman, Arts & Science; Gabrielle Levi Deters, Junior, Education; Hannah Dallas Drew, Junior, Health Professions; Callie Anna Edmond, Sophomore, Arts & Science; Brenan Quinn Grote, Junior, Health Professions; Allyson R. Huber, Junior, Health Professions; Kaylyn P. Mckee, Senior, Arts & Science; Emily L. Meyer, Senior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources; Evan Scott Meyer, Sophomore, Business; Madeline Sabina Norton, Junior, Nursing; Cale David Shotton, Sophomore, Discovery Center; Elizabeth Haley Truelove, Junior, Arts & Science; and Sylvia Lorraine Wagner, Junior, Business

Frankford, Mo.

Jacob Dale Bowen, Sophomore, Business; Makenzie Lynae Burroughs, Freshman, Education; and Jonah N. Jones, Sophomore, Agr-Food & Nat Resources


Adam Lake Albright , Senior, Arts & Science; Keaton Eugene Bartz, Senior, Education; Abigail Faith Baumann, Junior, Arts & Science; Elise Caroline Baumann, Senior, Arts & Science; Kenna JoLynn Bogue, Senior, Engineering; Gavin J. Booth, Senior, Engineering; Robert Logan Bower, Junior, Education; Molly N. Broughton, Junior, Health Professions; Scarlett A. Burton, Sophomore, Arts & Science; Emma Caroline Deien, Junior, Nursing; Grace Elizabeth Deien, Senior, Arts & Science; Ryan L. Deloney, Junior, Engineering; Ying Dong, Freshman, Nursing; Emily L. Edwards, Senior, Arts & Science; Taylor Andrew Evans, Senior, Arts & Science; Aaron C. Evans, Senior, Health Professions; Kaylee Brooke Falconer, Senior, Health Professions; Olivia Hope Foreman, Senior; Cole R. Gander, Junior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources; Gillian Maryn Hark, Junior, Arts & Science; Charles Joseph Hirner, Junior, Business; Maddie Michelle Janes, Senior, Arts & Science; Mason Jones, Senior, Business; Joseph Dillon Karlinski, Junior, Health Professions; Shelbie A. Mays, Senior, Arts & Science; Skylar Brooke Monroe, Senior, Arts & Science; Kadin Charles Eugene Morgan, Sophomore, Agr-Food & Nat Resources; Isaac Benn Reinwald, Junior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources; Jordan Nicolas Schafer, Senior, Arts & Science; Johanna Clare Shumake, Senior, Nursing; Jace A .Tischer, Junior, Arts & Science; and Melissa Wicks, Senior

Louisiana, Mo.

Olivia Grace Blackmore, Junior, Business; Spencer Pershing Butler, Senior, Engineering; Gianna Carmen Mandile, Senior, Business; Allyson Paige Minor, Senior, Arts & Science; Titania M. Niedner, Junior, Nursing; and Annine Hannah Sanders, Sophomore, Discovery Center

Monroe City, Mo.

Blake Patrick Hays, Junior, Health Professions; Samantha Rae Kern, Junior, Nursing; Alexis Ann Lloyd, Sophomore, Agr-Food & Nat Resources; Riley Paige Quinn, Sophomore, Nursing; Natalie Elizabeth Spalding, Senior, Journalism; Kayla Mary Spence, Sophomore, Arts & Science; Lance M. Williams, Senior, Health Professions; Cole Michael Yager, Junior, Arts & Science

New London, Mo.

Loren M Carlisle, Senior, Engineering; Isabella Marie Conley, Senior, Arts & Science; Avery Claire Lake, Junior, Health Professions; Della Mae Rodenbaugh, Senior, Arts & Science; Meghan G. Sanders, Junior, Arts & Science; Evan M. Sanders, Senior, Health Professions; and Trevor Riley Stratton, Senior, Arts & Science

Palmyra, Mo.

Raegan M Barnett, Junior, Health Professions; Brock S. Boulware, Senior, Arts & Science; Mason Conrad Burch, Junior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources; Jacob Thomas Larsen, Junior, Arts & Science; Spencer Robert Locke, Junior, Arts & Science; Nicholas Eugene Mudd, Junior, Health Professions; Allison D. Ritchey, Sophomore, Health Professions; Victoria Teresa Singh, Junior, Arts & Science; Owen Samuel Szarka, Junior, Business; and Elizabeth Whiston, Senior, Education,

Perry, Mo.

Ashlyn N. Eisele, Junior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources; Kelsey Deann Keil, Senior; Kohl Dean Mitchell, Senior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources; and Elizabeth Paige Trower, Sophomore, Journalism

Taylor, Mo.

Hattie E Haerr Senior, Health Professions

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