Lexi's Lip Shop reflects family's dedication

Lexi Rogers, shown in the foreground, started her online business, Lexi’s Lip Shop, with support from her mother, Jean Rogers. Rogers owns Ultimate Creations, the only African American salon in town, and she has supported her 19-year-old daughter’s efforts in the salon and online since January 2019.

HANNIBAL — Lexi Rogers was inspired to start Lexi’s Lip Shop at the age of 19, after seeing the difference her mother, Jean, was making as the owner of the only African-American salon in Hannibal.

Lexi Rogers makes her all-natural lip gloss herself, and she’s often at Ultimate Creations Salon, selling homemade beauty items like lashes and hair bands. Her online business allows her to reach members of the community and beyond, and her mother encourages her to regularly post to social media outlets and connect with friends about her latest items.

After Rogers moved out of the house, the inspiration for her business took hold in January 2019 after coming back to visit her mother at Ultimate Creations.

“I was like ‘oh my gosh, she’s really working her butt off, and I want to be like that’,” Rogers said.

She told her mom she would like to sell her homemade lip gloss and other items at the salon, and Lexi’s Lip Shop was born. Jean Rogers said she moved to Hannibal 25 years ago from Buffalo, N.Y., and she encouraged her daughter to reach customers in the community as well as other areas.

“I just kept trying to keep her focused and inspire her at every turn, because sometimes business can not be so lucrative,” Jean Rogers said. “But when you’re passionate about something you’ve got to keep going.”

Rogers uses natural ingredients like lots of vitamin oils and sparkles to create a wide variety of colors. The palette is always growing, and she is looking forward to creating seasonal hues as she continues to connect with customers on a personal level.

“I always try to make it a positive thing, about making yourself look pretty, and putting effort into yourself for yourself and not for anybody else,” Rogers said, noting customers say they appreciate the natural feel of the lip gloss.

Jean Rogers was planning on having lashes at her salon, and her daughter quickly jumped on the chance to learn how to make them for her business.

“It’s definitely part of the glam,” Lexi Rogers said.

More information about Lexi’s Lip Shop is available by visiting her Facebook page.

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