HANNIBAL — A change order that results in a net increase in the cost of the Martin Street storm-water project by over $11,500 was approved recently by the Hannibal Board of Public Works Board.

The increase in cost is due to the additional work that was performed by the project’s contractor, Mick Mehler and Sons.

“The contractor encountered a lot more rock than was originally anticipated so they submitted a change order request for excavating roughly 200 cubic yards of rock,” said Mathew Munzlinger, the HBPW’s director of operations, during the March meeting of the HBPW Board.

The cost for removing the additional rock was around $40,000. However, the net amount of the change order was reduced to $11,513 when a manhole and sewer pipe wound up not being installed.

“There was a modification of the system they found that would make installation of these materials not needed,” Munzlinger said.

Another cost adjustment from the project will come to the board before the work on Martin Street is declared done.

“We will have one more change order once the project is complete to adjust for final quantities after the sidewalk and curb are installed and the pavement laid as part of the street rehab,” Munzlinger said.

A majority of the work on Martin Street has already been completed.

“All the construction activity is complete. It is just the restoration efforts that are yet to be completed,” Munzlinger said. “Once they get a firm date on when they (asphalt plants) are going to be open the contractor is going to come back in and do some final grading, concrete restoration and do the street overlay.”

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