ST. LOUIS, Mo. — The holidays are fast approaching, but before the inflatable snowman and lighting display come on, Ameren Missouri recommends making some easy adjustments to reduce energy expenses.

“Convenient product substitutions and personalized account options give customers the power to save money without sacrificing holiday spirit,” said Tony Lozano, director of energy solutions at Ameren Missouri. “When combined with the cold weather, shortened daylight hours and holiday lights, the demand for energy often rises this time of year.”

Here are the top three ways Missourians can keep their energy bills under control this holiday season:

Swap in LEDs in lighting displays. Make sure the decor is as energy-efficient as possible by using Energy Star certified lights, which use 75% less energy per strand than incandescent lights. LED holiday lights are available for indoor and outdoor use.

Stay updated on energy usage online. Review energy use on the new Account Dashboard when logging in to the account at from a computer or mobile device. Enroll in alerts to see bill projections and get helpful usage and budget notifications to stay on track.

Adjust the payment due date. Customers can adjust their Ameren Missouri payment due date to a time that’s most convenient. The date can be modified by logging in to the account at, going to the Billing Options page and select the Pick A Due Date option on the right side of the page. For customers who don’t have an online account, registering is fast and easy.

There are other ways people can affect their energy bills. Using smart thermostats and advanced power strips, and unplugging energy-draining appliances when not in use, can help people use less energy and save money. For a limited time, customers can get a smart thermostat for as low as $0 plus tax and shipping on brands like Nest and Sensi. This offer requires enrollment in the Peak Time Savings program. More information about home energy efficiency resources and offers is available by visiting

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