The Hannibal football team is already dealing with a rash of injuries with just one game played this season.

HANNIBAL — Quentin Hamner feels like he can’t catch a break right now.

Injuries, illnesses and other attritions happen in football throughout the season. The Hannibal football team, however, is getting a dose of that early in the season.

The latest setback for the Pirates were Dante and Daylan Reading missing Tuesday’s practice because of a stomach illness. Hamner expects both to suit up for Friday’s home game against Jefferson City.

He hopes the bugs stop soon.

“I can’t win right now,” Hamner said. “But I don’t use it as an excuse. We just have to get better from it and move on.”

The injuries started two weeks ago when senior linebacker Kadin Morgan suffered a back injury. Hamner is unsure on a timetable for his return. The following Saturday, senior Preston Bennett suffered a groin injury while playing pickup football, and he’s expected to be out at least three weeks.

“You’re talking about some of the best players on our team,” Hamner said. “It seemed liked every Saturday the last couple weeks we’ve had injuries.”

That’s thrusted other players to fill those positions.

Defensively, Ben Sublette is filling into Morgan’s spot at linebacker. On offense, Kaiser Greenwell and Drake Dudley have moved to the wide receiver positions to fill that void.

“We’ve had some hiccups,” Sublette said. “But we can’t do anything about it.”

The Pirates can get stronger and create depth from it. That’s the hope as the season goes on and should the players return.