Half of Americans don't change their underwear daily, study finds

By Gary Dinges gdinges@gatehousemedia.com
Posted: Aug. 16, 2019 3:04 pm

About half of all Americans don't change their underwear each day, a new study found.

The study, conducted by underwear maker Tommy John, surveyed 1,000 people, Lake Charles, Louisiana, TV station KPLC reported. The results were surprising: 45% admitted they'd worn the same pair of underwear for two or more days, while 13% said they'd worn them for a week or more.

"These results were split fairly evenly between men and women, which throws any theories out the window that women are more hygiene-conscious than men, or vice versa," Tommy John said.

The survey found that 46% of people kept their underwear for at least a year before replacing them. Another 38% said they had no idea how old their underwear really were.

Tommy John suggests buying new underwear every six months to prevent microorganisms from accumulating.

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