Spreading God's word to a growing family

Pastor Phillip Davis and his wife, Kyra, celebrate moving into their new location for Overcomers International Worship Center at 7B Northport Plaza in Hannibal. They have been at their new home since October, and Pastor Davis has future outreach plans for the growing church.
Posted: Aug. 5, 2019 5:46 pm

HANNIBAL -- Pastor Phillip Davis, or Pastor Phil as congregation members often call him, said Overcomers International Worship was much quieter on Friday morning than it is during worship on Sundays.

Davis said jhe encourages free expression through song and dance — known as "free liturgical style" — and he said the congregation has been growing over the past year. Since their first two services in July 2018 at the Shirley Bomar Building, the church moved for two months to Abilities, before coming to 7B Northport Plaza in October.

"The Lord said this is your place," he said.

Davis has been a pastor for about 20 years, and he followed in his father's footsteps as a pastor in a college town. He remembers the excitement growing up in Oklahoma as students returned to town for classes each fall.

He said that reaching out to students at nearby Hannibal-LaGrange University was one of the ways the church plans to grow, as well as establishing men's fellowship groups that can network with similar groups throughout town for wholesome activities like bowling.

Apostle Calvin Johnson and Pastor Jamelle Patrick traveled from Tulsa and joined Davis to preach during the Outpouring revival series Aug. 16 to Aug. 18. In addition to spreading the message with a packed sanctuary each evening, Davis said they provided the church with a sound system and dozens of chairs. Pastor Jesse Soondrum from Light Ministries International USA lent the podium while a new one is built.

Davis said that everyone is welcome to come worship, and he looks forward to reaching out to adolescents, college kids and others who might be facing a time of trouble.

"We are looking to establish some good things," he said. "The Lord sent me with a mission and a program, so to speak, to minister to these adolescents and high school kids — a lot of kids are in turmoil these days. We want to bring them the hope that is in Christ as a real option."

Davis said Overcomers International Worship Center is nondenominational, and he said the main mission is the shared Gospel and the Bible with everyone — a "Bible preaching, teaching and believing church, that's what it is, that's all."

Davis said the church's mission calls for reaching out to people who are lonely or hurting for various reasons. When they join in worship together, Davis said he can see their attitudes toward themselves and toward God changing. And Davis said the church has received countless blessings along the way. And the church has been able to reach out to people who might have been hurt in a church environment previously or have another reservation about coming to church — slowly, several of them are moving toward coming to worship at the building.

"We're stronger together," he said.

Davis said that they were grateful for how far the church as come so far, the new building and the revivals, which will return later this month. For more information, call or leave a message at 405-824-2787 or look for Overcomers International Worship Center on Facebook.

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