OPINION: Balloon and parade a lot of hot air

Posted: Jul. 2, 2019 10:20 am

Dear Editor,

My children and I looked forward to a fun-filled weekend in Hannibal.

A couple traveled 8 hours round-trip. We wanted to go up in the hot air balloons.

A few years earlier, I missed the opportunity because they stopped giving rides two people before my turn.

Initially, when Hannibal announced rides and a light-up glow show, we were excited and planned our day for it.

They blew balloons up late, started the rides at least 1 ½ hours late and only had one balloon to accommodate over two hundred people. Really? Very poorly planned and unorganized!

Then they announced that the balloon lighting was canceled, due to electrical storm weather. Understandable!

After a lot of people left, they changed their mind! Really? Get organized!

Just as my daughter and I were to go up next in the balloon, they said, "No more gas, so no more rides." Really? The money made for tickets wouldn't buy more fuel for paying customers? Really? Unorganized!

When we asked for a refund, we were told, not so nicely, that the tickets were non-refundable as stated on the tickets.

This did not fly with a lot of people. We did not choose this situation.

We did in fact get a refund. I hope everyone did.

Everyone who believed the event was canceled left the area, only to discover on the news that the balloons were lighted — another disappointment.

As for the parade, people were complaining that it started early so they missed the beginning. Lots of disappointed people.


Connie Miller  

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