New facility projected to be producing water by second or third week of July following delay for installation of section of water main

The Mississippi River's historic flooding stalled a water main installation needed to produce drinking water at the Ralls County Public Water Supply District (PWSD) #1 plant. Officials now project that the plant will be in operation by the second or third week of July.

Boring and installing of a section of water main at the bay area near Highway 168 is on track for installation by the end of the week and connected to the plant located at Highway W and U.S. 61, said Lucas Drullinger, Alliance local manager. Equipment startup and chemical feed levels for water disinfectant inside the new facility are complete.

Feed levels have been dialed in and equipment was tested with water since April at the new facility. 

Personnel are also training at the Elsberry lime softening plant. They have completed a Missouri Rural Water Association certification course and a Missouri Department of Natural Resources Water Treatment lab course.

Initial plans called for the plant to begin producing water in June, but construction progress for the water main installation will speed up the process.

“It should be ready to pump water by the end of the week,” he said.

Vendors for various pieces of equipment can make final adjustments when raw water is sent to the plant. Plant personnel will also perform final tests and work with the chemistry of the water to be ready for operations to begin by July, Drullinger said.

“We should have everything we need to do — have all the water dialed in to where it is perfect and ready to serve,” he said.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources will perform a final water test. Drullinger looks forward to completing the project and beginning operations, he said.

“It's been a long time coming, and it's been exciting, though,” he said.