Missouri Department of Transportation personnel on Monday removed the traffic signals from the intersection of Third and Center streets.

Missouri Department of Transportation personnel on Monday morning removed the traffic signals at the intersection of MO 79/Third and Center streets in Hannibal.

MoDOT determined that traffic signals were no longer needed after reviewing the operation of the signals and traffic patterns at that location.

MoDOT set the signals to flashing July 25, 2018. The lights flashed yellow for MO 79/Third Street traffic and red for Center Street. Stop signs were also added on both sides of Center Street.

MoDOT covered the lights with black bags after they were  left on flashing mode for over a month.

Traffic signals had been in use at that intersection since the 1940s.

The traffic flow on Center Street is now similar to where stop signs halt east and westbound traffic at the MO 79/Third Street intersection with Bird, Hill and North streets.