Both were assistant coaches last school year

Megan Phillips and Abbey Jeffries are the two newest varsity coaches at Hannibal High School. Phillips is the new head volleyball coach while Jeffries will oversee the girls tennis program.
"I'm excited to get started," said Phillips, who served as the assistant varsity volleyball coach last fall.
"I can't wait to meet the team and see who's going to be out there and what kids I have coming back to play. That way they get to know me and I get to know them, and we can start off on the right foot," Jeffries said.
Jeffries, who just completed her first year of teaching, gained a taste for coaching last spring when she helped with the middle school track team.
"I liked it a lot," she said. "Because I enjoyed helping coach I figured that (coaching tennis) would be a great opportunity for me."
In addition to serving as assistant varsity volleyball coach last year, Phillips coached volleyball previously at the seventh grade level.
"I have always had a love for the game (volleyball) and all the quirks that go with it," said Phillips, who will be entering her fifth year with the Hannibal public school district.
Phillips is very happy to already have knowledge about the players who will return.
"Knowing some of their playing styles and where I can use them out on the court will be very, very key," she said. "There are some great all-around players who will be very, very strong for us this year."
Phillips' message to her new team is to expect 100 percent from her and to be ready to give 100 percent in return.
"If everybody gives their all we can have a great season," she said.
Jeffries will encourage her athletes to not get discouraged, but to keep working at the game. Jeffries added she has seen many athletes who struggled as freshmen, but wound up as all-state performers.