Cultivating teamwork

Posted: May. 15, 2019 4:08 pm

Girl Scouts in Troops 9010, 9000 and 9217 teamed up Tuesday, May 14 to add some spring color to the flower garden at A.D. Stowell Elementary School.

Kathy Riley, who leads Troops 9010 and 9000, said the flower garden was first constructed with tires by Troop 9010 members in 2016. The garden was rebuilt with bricks by the girls and their dads in 2018, and the Girl Scouts decided to purchase a plaque using the cookie money they raised that year. The girls worked with younger helpers, assisting Daisy Scouts while leaders and parents led the way through each step of the process.

The girls dug into the soil to prepare it for planting the pink, yellow, red and white flowers. Afterward, everyone applied mulch around the new flowers, taking care not to bury them before Riley watered the garden.

Bentlee, Chloe and Bella, of Troop 9000, said that planting flowers together was their favorite part of the team experience. The flowers reflected "all of the colors of the rainbow," Chloe said. Destiny, from Troop 9010, said the experience made her happy, and fellow scouts Mercedes and Arayah agreed.

"It was cool," Arayah said. Mercedes appreciated getting to work with younger colleagues and share knowledge with them.

"I liked working with the Daisies, they were really fun," she said. "They paid attention, and whenever we got done with them, they would tap on someone's shoulder. They were very polite."

Riley said a few Girl Scouts weren't able to make it, but everyone who came made the job fun and efficient as they helped each other. The girls are prepared to care for the garden throughout the spring and summer with regular watering and other tasks.

"I love working with girls, showing them good leadership," she said. "Now we just have to wait for it to dry."



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