Pirate lineman joining Missouri S&T

Dennan signs
With his parents, Joshua Drennan Sr. and Kelly Maisel, looking on Joshua Drennan Jr. signed a letter of intent on Thursday to attend Missouri S&T in Rolla where he will study engineering and play football.
By Danny Henley, Courier-Post Reporter
Posted: May. 11, 2019 12:01 am

Joshua Drennan Jr. will continue his football career at Missouri S&T in Rolla. The Hannibal High School senior signed a letter of intent on Thursday.

"The engineering program is pretty well the best in the state and one of the top in the country," he said. "I also wanted to play football and they let me to do both, and not have to go to any secondary school. I can get my degree in Rolla. I don't have to get any extra schooling, just five years and I am out."

Drennan said Missouri S&T was always at the top of his list of places to go when it came time to select a college to attend.

"I had a couple of other schools, a couple in Iowa and a couple of smaller schools around the state," he said. "Rolla was always the one I wanted to go to."

Mark St. Clair, who was Drennan's head football coach at HHS, said Missouri S&T had landed a standout.

"Josh was a good leader for us in football. A very excellent football player, but better than that, just a good person," he said. "S&T is getting a kid that will shine in the classroom, shine on the football field and will be a positive influence on the campus."

While St. Clair said Drennan will play somewhere on the offensive line, Drennan left the door open to a change in positions.

"Right now I'm still in the O line talks, but that could change over the course of the next year because I am redshirting. They may see something and want to move me someplace else," he said. I would like to stay on offense, but I wouldn't mind playing something like linebacker. That would be pretty fun. It would be better than being on the O line my entire life, I guess."

According to St. Clair, changes lie ahead for Drennan.

"It's a transition going to Division II college football," he said. "I'm sure there will be a growth process to go through."

Drennan, the son of Joshua Drennan Sr. and Kelly Maisel, will take some life lessons with him that he learned while playing Pirate football under St. Clair.

"Always try your hardest, no matter what," he said. "No matter how bad it is you can always do your job better than somebody else."


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