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Missouri lawmakers vote to limit some civil lawsuits

Associated Press
Posted: May. 2, 2019 5:50 pm

The Missouri Legislature has passed a bill aimed at keeping out-of-state plaintiffs from filing lawsuits in Missouri in an effort to win large settlements from plaintiff-friendly juries.

The Kansas City Star reports that the measure revises the law that regulates where plaintiffs can get cases heard, and that Republican. Gov. Mike Parson has indicated a willingness to sign it.

Plaintiffs have won multi-million dollar verdicts from St. Louis City juries in suits against big companies like Johnson & Johnson, which has defended against charges that its talcum powder caused cancer. Defendants have complained that Missouri law allowed too much freedom to join multiple cases into single actions. The bill would stop the practice.

The Missouri House approved the Senate bill Wednesday on a party line vote, with Republicans in support.


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