Hannibal tennis team captures 10th victory

Courier-Post Staff
Posted: Apr. 26, 2019 5:02 pm
Hannibal High School's tennis team picked up its 10th win of the spring on Thursday when it defeated Missouri Military Academy 6-3 in Mexico. The Pirates' record is now 10-7.
In singles action  #1 Ethan Bross lost 4-8 versus Alejandro Dillon Ortiz, #2 Austin Brown lost 4-8 versus Griffin Henry, #3 Collin Poage won 8-3 versus Bruno Pozzani, #4 Nathan Destefane won 8-4 versus Mauricio Trevino, #5 Trent Kempker won 8-1 versus Dongyang Chen, #6 Kyle Murphy won 8-1 versus Ethan Perez.
In doubles play #1 Bross/Poage won 8-2 versus Ortiz/Trevino, #2 Brown/Kempker lost 2-8 versus Henry/Pozzani, #3 Destefane/Murphy won 7-2 versus Chen/Sean Hughes.
In JV matches  Nick Tompkins/Noah Evans won 6-1 versus Perez/Esiquio, Gabe Brummell won 6-4 versus Griffin Roberts.

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