Approximately 35 streets to receive attention this year

Approximately 35 streets will be repaired and repaved when Hannibal's multimillion dollar road improvement program resumes this spring.

"After meeting with the engineer a list of anticipated streets has been developed," said Hannibal Mayor James Hark. "The reconstruction is to begin very soon."

Among the streets slated to receive attention from the contractor, Chester Bross Construction, are: Lindell, Vermont, Moberly, 29th Street, Orchard (Warren Barrett to the county line), Market Street, Hamilton Street, Nancy Drive, Leonard, Marion Street, Elm Avenue, Manning (a portion), Westover Road, Page, Garnet, Darr, Johnson, Burlington, Viley Avenue (a portion), Susan Drive, 36th Street, Wellman, Haydon Street, Mills, Arapaho, Arch, Lilly Avenue, Kenwood, Rinker, Singleton, St. Charles, Price, Ruby Ave., Bellevue, Edgar, 30th (a portion) and Essig.

Hark said that list does not include the streets and alleys that will be receiving attention from street department personnel.

"We would anticipate 40-45 streets/alleys being completed before the 2019 construction season concludes," he said.

During the first three and a half years of the street improvement program, 144 streets have been completed. It is estimated that more than $4 million has been spent of the $6.3 million designated for the street improvement project.

"This project and plan have been a work in progress as the original plans have had to be updated and modified due to unforeseen circumstances," Hark said. "We do anticipate that the list will continue to be updated throughout this process as once we are in an area we may see other areas that need to be immediately addressed or other issues may arise."

Hark thanked residents of the community for their patience and cooperation during the work.