Sales tax revenue record set in 2017

Marion County's fund balances for general revenue, plus road and bridge funding are at an all-time high.

County Clerk Valerie Dornberger delivered the good news Monday morning during a meeting of the Marion County Commission at the county courthouse in Palmyra.

The general revenue fund stood at $1,199,027.91 for the month of March. The road and bridge fund was $895,771.38. The combined funds have a balance of $2,094,799.29.

"That's the highest on record," Dornberger said.

It is the first time the balance of those two funds has topped $2 million in the month of March, according to Dornberger.

The previous high total of $1,871,355.81 was seen in March 2018.

It also marked the first time that the general revenue/road and bridge totals had topped $2 million in each of a fiscal year's first three months. The total was $2,971,302.64 In January, while in February, it was $2,600,102.60.

Sales tax revenue is also on a record-setting pace. Through four months, $701,559.44 in general sales tax revenue had been collected.

The previous four-month high mark was $685,194.38 set in 2015.

The county's top 12-month general sales tax total was set in 2017 when $2,097,180.21 was deposited. That sum was boosted by a $35,560.39 supplemental distribution by the state. Not taking into account the supplemental distribution, the sales tax record would've been set in 2018 when $2,085,477.45 was collected.

The county's use tax total is $185,874.99 through four months. That eclipses the previous high of $171,825.71 from 2018.

"That looks good," said Larry Welch, Marion County eastern district commissioner.