C.A.R.E. passes by wide margin, stormwater prop suffers narrow loss

The two propositions on the ballot Tuesday in Hannibal wound up with contrasting results. Proposition C.A.R.E., proposed by the Hannibal No. 60 School District, gained approval by a wide margin. Proposition S, which would have raised funds for stormwater projects, failed by a narrow margin.

Proposition C.A.R.E., which needed a 57.14 percent approval, received approval by 84.46 percent of voters.

Superintendent Susan Johnson said that rate of support might be a record for the school district. She said it might’ve eclipsed the approximately 83 percent support rate received when voters approved construction of the new Mark Twain Elementary School in the Early Childhood Center.

The support seen Tuesday indicates the level of trust that patrons have for the school district, Johnson said.

Overall, 2,473 yes votes were cast, compared to 455 no votes. Support was particularly strong for the proposition in Marion County where there were 2,180 yes votes, in contrast to 383 no votes. In Ralls County it was approved 293-72.

C.A.R.E., which will not raise taxes, allows the school district to borrow $14.5 million for an assortment of projects.

Proposition S asked residents to allow a fee schedule to be established to help repair major stormwater problems throughout the community.

Proposition S, which needed only a simple majority for passage, received the slimmest majority possible in Marion County — one vote. A total of 1,104 yes votes were cast compared to 1,103 no votes.

The issue was decided by Hannibal's Ralls County residents. They voted down Proposition S by a 25-12 margin.

Overall the final Proposition S vote total was 1,116 for and 1,128 against.

While Heath Hall, general manager of the Hannibal Board of Public Works, could not be reached for comment after the election results were known, he said prior to the vote that if Proposition S failed, "stormwater infrastructure repairs would not occur due to our lack of funding."