Please consider casting your vote for Lou Barta for Hannibal’s next Mayor.

His current campaign has been innovative as are the goals he has visioned for America’s Hometown inspiring. A clear glimpse into what could be our communities future.
Lou was a positive voice and supporter of clean water campaign as well as a former Councilman, volunteer, and supporter of our community. I believe he has the dedication and vision to serve all 6 Wards addressing each Ward's need effectively and swiftly.
Lou’s forward thinking and openness to change is the first step to a better future for Hannibal.
Lou’s has showed tireless dedication to the community through Hannibal’s Concert Association, Current President for Friends of Historic Hannibal, Hannibal’s Arts Council and Central Park Neighborhood Association — showing his love for the charm and history of Hannibal. However, his concern and focus reach far within the community, neighborhoods, and streets that make Hannibal what it is, America’s Hometown.
Hannibalians' concerns for growth and stability, services and attention to issues, and clean safe neighborhoods can only be obtained by change.
Change can only come by willingness. Lou is our path to change and success.
Please join me in casting my vote for Hannibal’s future. Vote for Lou Barta April 2nd.

Kellie Cookson